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IFor a moment, let's assume that I must fill a swimming pool with a bucket. I can argue whether it's fair, or I can analyze the options that I have.

There are some things I can do.
1) Complain about it
2) Shut up and fill a bucket with water and dump it into the swimming pool
3) Fill the swimming pool with a bucket while I complain about it

It was through option 3 that I was able to adjust to Canadian life. While it is important to fight unfair situations, it is more important that I do so in a way that gives me the opportunity to survive and then thrive in the long run.

It was difficult for me to fully comprehend what was going on in my new environment at times, and I recall feeling angry, frustrated, or just giving up at times. Looking back, I can see that what I talked about in "My Handbook" influenced my life; I did not lack drive, desire, or ability, but just the right tactics.

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